www.ascpmidyear.com Chief Engineer was wont to complain bitterly.

With the myriad lights of fishing vessels, that they thought she was just passing the Manacles. In spite of our scepticism, to our relief the first boat in that area to be investigated proved to match the photograph and we slunk off into the night, doused our lights, and prepared to follow her at a safe distance. It was not a comfortable night as we rolled slowly westward. Apart from the difficult steering in a heavy following sea our suspect could maintain only a speed of about five knots. This was well below our own dead slow speed so that we had to keep stopping, or steam in wide circles to hold our position astern. In these circumstances which often arose on such operations, our Chief Engineer was wont to complain bitterly that his injectors or blowers, or what have you, would soon be fouled up. By dawn, after a long, tedious night we were leaving Land's End well astern, still heading west, and we had to drop even further astern of our quarry to avoid suspicion. Later in the morning +1 46 19 97463
+1 97 19 97973
+1 115 19 971153